Welcome to Denmark!

 Welcome to Denmark!
Welcome to Denmark, a country which has been voted to be the happiest country in the World!  People in Denmark, have been on the top of the rank when factors such as per capita gross domestic product, healthy years of life expectancy, trust and perceived freedom to make life choices, were measured.
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has been also voted to be one of the World’s Most Livable Cities  and known to be The European Most Green Capital and precursor in sustainable development as people-friendly and nature-friendly urban planning.
With its beautiful architecture, famous design, fresh air, beautiful parks, sea ad the canals in the middle of the city clean enough to swim in, Denmark is without any doubt an amazing place to live.
Denmark’s biggest cities Copenhagen and Aarhus, are centers for culture and innovation. Both cities burst with life and energy. As a person, who has lived in Denmark for the past 6 years, I have experienced that you can never be bored or out of ideas in this country whether it’s your free time or your professional development. There are plenty of interesting initiatives going whether is art and culture or business and innovation.Even the most amazing places in the world can give you a hard time when it comes to getting settled and finding your way around and this is why Spousecare has created this blog.
All about Denmark is your comprehensive guide to life in Denmark. It has been created by Spousecare, a company which for the past decade has been helping expats to establish their lives and careers in Denmark.  Whether you have just arrived in Denmark or have been living here for years, this blog contains useful information for newcomers as well as locals. You can find here all the information about getting settled and about daily life in Denmark.
To find out more about Spousecare visit us at:

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