Taler du Dansk?

Learning Danish is not only an opportunity to integrate into the country, but also a great way to make new friends and socialize.
As of July 2018, the public courses in Copenhagen cost DKK 2,000 plus a deposit of DKK 1,250.

Next to the public offers there are a long list of private language providers you can choose from, many with very competitive prices and courses.

Find out the options in your area before you choose!
Other ways to learn Danish and how to practice speaking Danish
Since Danes are so good at speaking English and also very comfortable with English, some people find it difficult to practice speaking Danish. This will not be a problem if you work in a place with a lot of Danes, as generally Danes are very supportive and patient if you’re trying to learn Danish. However, in many places, English is the official working language, and then you might feel you lack the opportunity to practice your Danish. A great way to learn Danish and to meet the Danes is to do a volunteer work. Volunteer work is very popular in Denmark, so you can find many types of it. You can find a database of volunteer jobs here. If you are in Copenhagen, you can also join a Meetup group called “The Copenhagen Danish Language Speaking Meetup Group”. You can find more information about the group here.
By Anna Wolthers and Anette Pilmark

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