Copenhagen Restaurant Series: The Laundromat Café

The Laundromat Cafe is one of those ”only-in-Denmark” cafes. You know what I mean—only in Denmark can you find a café that serves American-style brunch, that has a little area for kids to play in, and that has a laundromat inside the café.

l 1

Diner-style , complete with tons of books and laundry baskets


My friend and I met up at the said café one rainy Saturday morning to catch up over lunch. She brought her one-year-old son with her. The Laundromat Café on Gammel Kongevej was, unsurprisingly, packed that day, but the three of us were able to find a small table.
l 2

A good catch-up with friends = coffee + food + a feisty baby + good conversation


My friend and I drank lattes and then had the “veggie burger” and the “dirty brunch” to share. The food was good, definitely big enough to share with everyone. After lunch, we brought little V to the play area and he had a great time with the plastic figurines and toy dinosaurs.
l 3

Little V in the kids play area


If you’ve read the Mom & Baby Guide post on the blog, you’ll see that Laundromat Café is one of the baby-friendly places to go to in Copenhagen, and, as someone who doesn’t have any babies but has friends who do, I can attest that it is kid- and friend-friendly (is that a term? No? It is now.) Laundromat café is a good café to go to when spending time with friends, with friends who have babies, or even by yourself.
Oh, and let’s not forget that you can do laundry while sipping on a cup of coffee.
Written by Beatrice Benavides

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