Christmas in Denmark

The Countdown The countdown till Christmas already begins in mid-November. The streets are already getting lit, and the peak of "hygge-season" is approaching. At home, the countdown officially begins on 1 December. Typically families have a calendar candle (kalenderlys) which has the numbers from 1-24 written on it and the point is to keep the … Continue reading Christmas in Denmark

Kulturnatten: Culture Night

Join the Culture Night "KULTURNATTEN", 15 OCTOBER For more than 25 years, Culture Night has been one of Copenhagen's most well-attended cultural events. When the schools begin their autumn holiday the association Kulturnatten creates a festive evening, where the entire cultural life of the city works together to create joy and inspiration for all of … Continue reading Kulturnatten: Culture Night


Yesterday, 26 August, the following places was voted “best of town” by the people of Copenhagen. «Byens Bedste Takeaway» – Best TakeawayPOPL: ”Byens Bedste Restaurant” – Best RestaurantALCHEMIST: ”Byens Bedste Bar” – Best BarBAR POLDO: ”Byens Bedste Frokost” – Best Lunch ”Byens Bedste Litteraturoplevelse” – Best Literature ExperienceBRØG LITTERATURBAR:  ”Byens Bedste … Continue reading BEST OF COPENHAGEN 2021

HOP I HAVET (Jump into the sea)

This SUNDAY 22 August Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, DN (=The Danish society for Nature Conservation) are organizing an event to protect the sea for future generations. At 75+ beaches all over Denmark, we jump into the water to make aware that we need to protect the sea for future generations and get a more sustainable environment for … Continue reading HOP I HAVET (Jump into the sea)

Football? Soccer? – Fodbold!

Football is the official national sport of Denmark and without doubt the most played sport in the country. In 2019, more than 360,000 footballers were registered. Football definitely takes up the equivalent space both in the news, in the small-talk and in the lives of many Danes. With this post, I'll aim to explain the … Continue reading Football? Soccer? – Fodbold!

Autumn Holiday = Efterårsferie

The next school holiday is 12-18 October, also known as week 42. Week 42 is always the autumn holiday in Denmark. During October it gets colder and darker, however this autumn season is perfect for a tour in one of the many great forests and for “hygge” indoors with your family. At VisitDenmark you can … Continue reading Autumn Holiday = Efterårsferie

Sankt Hans; Danish Midsummer

Sankt Hans – 23 of June Sankt Hans is a Danish Midsummer celebrated on the evening of 23 June. Every year, in every city there are bonfires on beaches and in parks.  They are accompanied by concerts, speeches, and picnics - however this year is special due to Covid19. Midsummer has been celebrated since the … Continue reading Sankt Hans; Danish Midsummer

Check the latest news about coronavirus and COVID-19 on The Danish Health Authority website:

Large parts of the Danish society is closed and all citizens should follow the rules and initiatives from the Danish government  to prevent the virus spread further. Public gatherings of more than 10 people will be prohibited and it is strongly recommended also to follow these rules in private. Therefore, grocery stores among others are … Continue reading Check the latest news about coronavirus and COVID-19 on The Danish Health Authority website: