A-Kasser & Trade Unions

Why is it called A-Kasse? “A” is short for the Danish arbejdsløs = unemployed and “kasse” means box, or in this case anunemployment insurance fund. If you have started working in Denmark, you might have talked to some of your colleagues about being amember of an A-kasse and/or a trade union. Many Danish employees are … Continue reading A-Kasser & Trade Unions

being creative in Copenhagen – join my courses in English

One of the first things I googled when I arrived in Copenhagen last March was where to find the nearest craft store. In my home country I knew exactly where I could buy which materials from. I had the chance to use a workshop in a school and I could borrow all kinds of tools … Continue reading being creative in Copenhagen – join my courses in English

Join a Club – the Highway into Danish Culture

Denmark is a country with thousands of clubs and associations that all citizens can join no matter where they come from. This is where Danes meet, sharing the same interests or hobbies and if you have common interests, then culture and language become less important. Everyone is welcome to join! Therefore, if you like to … Continue reading Join a Club – the Highway into Danish Culture

Hygge During Winter Months in Copenhagen

I could feel it creeping up. I’ve had this feeling since the start of October. I gravitate towards staying at home, make tea, and curl up with a good book. I sigh every time I look out the window, unsure of whether I should bring my umbrella or not. I caught only a fleeting glimpse … Continue reading Hygge During Winter Months in Copenhagen

Autumn Holiday = Efterårsferie

The next school holiday is 12-18 October, also known as week 42. Week 42 is always the autumn holiday in Denmark. During October it gets colder and darker, however this autumn season is perfect for a tour in one of the many great forests and for “hygge” indoors with your family. At VisitDenmark you can … Continue reading Autumn Holiday = Efterårsferie

Copenhagen Restaurant Series: Aster (vegan café)

Prior to visiting Aster, I read about two of their key values on their website: plant-based nourishment is better for our bodies and being more responsible for the environment. As someone who is trying to eat more plant-based meals for the same reasons, Aster's key values really appealed to me. On a rainy Saturday, I … Continue reading Copenhagen Restaurant Series: Aster (vegan café)

Labor Day and Holidays in May-June

The months of May and June are filled with public and non-public holidays. This post will provide you with the overview of them all! If you're looking for a full year overview, don't forget that you can always check out our post on Annual Holidays in Denmark in 2020. May 1: International Worker's Day / Labor … Continue reading Labor Day and Holidays in May-June

Stor Bededag – How to Celebrate it Like a Dane

On Friday the 5th of May 2023 we celebrate the Danish national holy day Store Bededag, Great Prayer Day. Great Prayer Day is always be celebrated on the fourth Friday after Easter Sunday. It will be the last celebration of Great Prayer Day since the government has decided to abolish this day as a public … Continue reading Stor Bededag – How to Celebrate it Like a Dane