Mum & Baby Guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is without any doubt a baby-friendly city. Read about the city’s attractions and places that provide you with all you need for you and your baby to relax and enjoy the big city life.
In Copenhagen, you can see parents with kids or groups of mums with strollers everywhere. In cafés, food halls, museums and libraries. There are plenty of classes and workshops for mums and their babies, yoga, pilates, sewing classes just to name few.
Museums encourage parents to come with their children by providing them with changing facilities for the little ones and playrooms and activities for the older ones. SMK and Arken also provide parents with a pram to move around the museum. Many cafes and libraries have play areas and changing tables.
I know that not everybody feels like venturing out in the city with a little baby, but the multitude of places dedicated to parents with kids and social acceptance for showing up in a museum or a café with a little child makes it a lot easier. I also found out that there are plenty of things to do once you are on maternity leave. I’ve tried baby swimming, sanserytmik/puslestik, which is a movement and sound workshop for children, baby-yoga and baby-pilates, baby cinema and sewing classes and I am sure there is still more to be discovered.

Here is my list of baby-friendly places in Copenhagen!

Since I live in Frederiksberg most of the places are close to where I live thus I hope fellow mums and dads will help us with expanding the list by sharing their experiences and information about their favourite baby-friendly places and workshops.

Cafes with changing tables, play areas and comfortable couches

  • Maud’s Salon on Gammel Kongevej
One of my favourite cafes to go with a baby, it is spacious and has a nice bathroom with a changing table and a tasteful interior.
The café offers a really nice brunch on the weekends and has a big selection of cakes, tea and coffee and light snacks during the week.
The comfortable couches and spacious interior allow you and your baby to relax in the middle of the busy Gammel Kongevej street. You can read more about the place here.

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  • Café Laundromat on Gammel Kongevej in Frederiksberg and Århusgade 38 Østerbro
Good food, cosy relaxed atmosphere and a playground area. You can find out more here.
  • Chez Laurent on Rolighedsvej
Great pancakes! And a big bathroom with a changing table. You can find out more here.
  • Café Sweet Surrender on Dybbølsgade 49
It’s a baby friendly non-profit café with home-made dishes, a great place if you also have older children as it has a big play area. The café is nice and cosy and has good prices but since it’s a café where many families go it can be quite loud sometimes. You can find out more here.
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Museums, Libraries and Other Activities

  • Museums
In SMK and Arken you get a pram and there are changing facilities as well as workshops for kids. Find out more about SMK and the workshops here. Find out more about Arken here. SMK is my favourite as you can combine the visit with a walk in the Kongens Have or Botanical Gardens.
There are many of other museums that have activities for older kids. You can read more about them here.


  • Absalon
A unique place created in an old church, “a living room outside your home” as the founders call it. Absalon has all kinds of activities for different age groups; dance, music, yoga, community dinners, exhibitions all you can think about! Amongst them, there are movement and singing workshops (Rytmik and Sanglege) for the little babies and older kids (groups are for 4-7 months, 7-12 months and 1-2 years or 2-4 years) and baby yoga. You can find out more here.


  • Libraries with playrooms for children and Remisen, an indoor playground.
Many of the libraries in Copenhagen have a kids corner where the little ones can play and a there is also a changing table. In most of the libraries, you can also bring the pram inside, and there is a table with chairs for babies where they can have a snack.
My absolute favourite is the main library next to the Round Tower downtown. It has two rooms dedicated to children. There is a room with toys where you can find a car, a little theatre and the iconic wheely bugs. There is also a room filled in with bObles , a popular soft foam furniture, which encourages play and movement.I also had the opportunity to visit Sundby Bibliotek in Amager and can definitely recommend it, as well as the library in Frederiksberg. The libraries offer an amazing choice of books for children, also in foreign languages. Another interesting option, especially for rainy days is Remisen, an indoor playground for the little ones. You can find out more about the place and the opening times here.
  • Other Activities
My son really liked Puslestik, which is a movement and sound workshop for little kids. I can recommend Puslestik with AOF and Sanserytmik with Frederiksberg Have Yoga. You can find out more about Puslestik here. The classes were in Danish, but I asked our teacher, Laerke Jensen, if my 2 friends who didn’t speak any Danish could join and she was very happy to teach in English.
AOF offers also plenty of other courses for babies and kids. You can read about them here.
Another great activity is Sanserytmik in Frederiksberg Have Yoga Center, which is located in a nice building just in the heart of Frederiksberg Have. Find out more here.
I also tried sewing and design in Krea Rum in Frederiksberg. They have a special workshop for mums so you can bring your baby along. Find out more here.
When I moved to Copenhagen I was amazed by all the amazing places and cultural events, this beautiful city has to offer. Copenhagen has plenty of festivals, museums, art galleries, libraries and historical attractions, and let’s not forget about the famous Danish “hygge” and all the cosy cafés and parks and food halls. And the best of it is that you don’t have to say goodbye to all of the big-city fun when you have a baby as Copenhagen welcomes you and your baby to enjoy the city life!
By Anna Wolthers


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