NemID, NemKonto, e-Boks & Banking in Denmark

Now that you have a CPR number life becomes easy. You can open a bank account and get a NemID which is a personalized login and code serving as your digital signature. In Denmark, almost everything can be done online by using NemID. To find out more about NemID click here.
Every citizen of Denmark is required to have a NemKonto in order to receive payments from the public sector. Such payment, like child benefits or tax refund, are always deposited on your NemKonto. In order to have a NemKonto you need to register one of your existing accounts as your NemKonto. You can do it yourself on the NemKonto website or your can do it at your bank in Denmark. You are allowed to register a foreign account as your NemKonto by filling in a form that can be found on the NemKonto website. For more information, click here.
E-boks – a digital mailbox, where you can store and receive all your documents. E-boks is connected with the state agencies and financial institutions. Thus, you will receive relevant documents from the state institutions and your bank on your e-Boks. You need NemID to log on to e-Boks. E-Boks is your personal digital mailbox. You can choose to have documents from governmental institutions delivered in your e-Boks such as your pay slip, documents from ATP, SKAT (tax), banks, insurance, labor unions, etc. In addition, you can scan your birth certificate or other personal papers and save them in e-Boks. Unless you erase them yourself, your documents in e-Boks will be kept for an unlimited period whether you move, get another job or change e-mail address. You always have access to your documents online, e-Boks is connected to your CPR number, i.e. only you have access to your personal documents. All the information sent to you will 
be encrypted so that nobody else can see it. Furthermore, e-Boks uses an approved certificate, which is your guarantee that you are communicating with the right receiver i.e. e-Boks. All content is placed and stored in one of Denmark’s most secured servers at KMD.
Banking in Denmark
It is advised to have a Danish bank account when living in Denmark. Most employees will require for you to have a Danish bank account. Furthermore, once you arrive in Denmark you will notice that you can pay by your card almost everywhere. However, some places accept only a Dankort, which is a Danish Visa Debit Card. There are many banks to choose from and some of them are cheaper and some more expensive, so have a look at their websites before you choose your bank. Nordea, Danske Bank, Jyske Bank and Arbejdernes Landsbank are just a few of them. Some of them offer English e-banking and service. You can have an English e-banking in Jyske Bank and in Danske Bank, to find out more click here or here. You can read more about fees and conditions in different Danish banks here (it is unfortunately only in Danish), and you can also find people’s personal reviews on Trustpilot (some of which are in English).
by Anna Wolthers

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