Expat Groups and Associations

Denmark is a great place to be an expat. There are plenty of expat groups and associations, that gives you an opportunity to meet new people, widen your professional network, develop your hobbies, try something new, and make new friends. You can find a list and links to expat clubs and networks here.
Another great way to meet people with a similar background or in similar life situation is to join Meetup group. Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups, basically, anyone can start a Meetup group, thus they cover a really wide variety of hobbies and interests. There is a great variety of Meetup groups you can choose from in Denmark, such as; Young Expats, Entrepreneurs, International Parents, Wine lovers, Photographers, Vegan, and Vegetarians. Moreover, if none of the groups fit your needs you can always create one of your own. Find out more about Meetup and find a group that fits you here.
Volunteer Groups
Volunteering is another great way to meet new people. You can choose between one time volunteering on different festivals and events or a long term commitment. Copenhagen Volunteers is an interesting group where you can volunteer on all of the major festivals in Copenhagen. It’s an interesting way to meet new people and see the festivals from a different perspective. You can find out more about Copenhagen Volunteers here.
If you are interested in more long term volunteering you can find a comprehensive database of volunteering jobs for English speakers here. You can also choose one of the Danish associations – which would also be a great way to practice your Danish. If you want to find out more visit a volunteer jobs database here.
Expat Fairs
Another interesting way to find out more about life as an expat in Denmark is to join an expat fair. This year, Østerbros kulturhus have organized an expat fair. You can read more about it here. Copenhagen Expat Fair, which has been organized for the past couple of years by Copenhagen International Service, Spousecare and Danske Bank, is a great way to find out more about different expat associations, sports clubs and associations. You can find out more about Copenhagen Expat Fair here. This year the Copenhagen municipality has decided to call the fair “Welcome Reception”. The concept stays the same and you can learn about different sport/leisure clubs and associations for Danes and expats. The next one is on 31 August.
International Playgroups for Parents with Children
If you are coming to Denmark with little children you can join the International Moms Playgroup organized by LINK (The Ladies International Network København), which is an English-speaking network for all international women in the Copenhagen area. The playgroup is open for everyone, not only for the members of LINK. You can read more about LINK and the playgroup here.
by Anna Wolthers

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