What To Do on a Rainy Day

Denmark has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, all of these seasons can include a lot of rain.
The Danes have an expression that goes: “Der findes ikke dårligt vejr kun forkerte klæ’r”. Which translates to: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. Whether it’s rain or snow, a real Viking isn’t discouraged by the weather and it definitely will not stop him or her from cycling or from leaving the house. However, for those of us who need time to find our inner Viking, here are some tips on what you can do on a rainy day in Copenhagen!
It is a well-known fact that a good movie, a great book, interesting exhibition or a nice café can lighten up even the rainiest of days. If you are not in a mood for a movie, how about visiting one of Copenhagen’s great Museums or Art Galleries? Feeling like sport? Or maybe some pampering and a hot sauna. Or something completely else? How about visiting Creative Space and painting your own ceramic? Below you can find some suggestions about where to go and what to do on a rainy day in Copenhagen.

Cinemas and Cafés

Copenhagen has plenty of great cinemas. You can choose between big cinemas and small, charming studio cinemas. Many of the cinemas have a cosy café and some even allow you to take a glass of wine with you to the movie screening. You can always check what movies are currently played in the cinemas on the kino.dk website. If you would like to see what movies are currently playing in Denmark and find out about premieres of new movies click here.  On the website, you can also find the list of all the cinemas in your city. If you want to find out what cinemas are there in your city click here.
Nordisk Film Cinemas
 Nordisk Film Cinemas is the largest cinema chain with 19 cinemas in Denmark. All theaters are equipped with modern technology and comfortable chairs. Find out more about Nordisk Film Cinemas here.
 The DFI Cinematheque – The Danish Film Institute
The Danish Film Institute (DFI) is Denmark’s national agency for film and cinema culture, operating under the Ministry of Culture, and thus the selection of the movies provides an alternative to commercial cinemas. It is a place where you have the opportunity to see movies from all over the world and participate in interesting discussions and meeting with the movie creators. The DFI Institute is situated in the very heart of Copenhagen, it’s just opposite the beautiful Kongens Have Park and a few minutes walk from Nyhavn. It consists of three cinemas, a videotheque, restaurant SULT, a café, bookshop and a film lab for children: FILM-X. If you want to find out more about DFI visit their website here. The website is also available in English.
Danish Movies with English Subtitles
Every second Sunday the Cinematheque features Danish film hits or classics with English subtitles. Read about the current Danish on a Sunday programme.

Small Studio Cinemas

Grand Cinema
Grand is located in the very center of old town in a building which has served as a cinema theater since 1913 and was in the old days known as the film’s Royal Theatre. It is a part of the Europa Cinema’s Association, and it’s program is a selection of many interesting European films. Grand Teatret also hosts a number of other cultural events like the Minuit Vernissage – midnight openings with local artists. It also has a really nice café with a great selection of pastries, Perch’s Thehandel tea, organic fair trade coffee and wine. Find out more about Grand Cinema here.
 Gloria Biograf & Café
A cosy little cinema in the very heart of the city, just next to the city hall. Gloria shows niche independent productions from all over the world.  Find out more about the Gloria Cinema here.
Café Biografen Vester Vov Vov
A charming little cinema and café in Vesterbro, where you can see interesting European feature movies and documentaries. Find out more about Vester Vov Vov here.

Museums and Art Galleries

Glyptoteket and the Beautiful Winter Garden
Museum of Ancient and Modern in the city center with a beautiful winter garden in the centre of the museum where Café Glyptoteket is situated. Here you can have lunch or something sweet and take a break from visiting the museum’s exhibitions. On Tuesday’s there is a free entrance, so if you already have been to the museum, you can always come by for lunch in the Winter Garden. Read more about Glyptoteket here.
 Louisiana Museum of  Modern Art
Louisiana is a fantastic modern art museum located just by the sea 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen. The seaside area surrounding the museum is beautiful and definitely worth the trip. The building is considered a major work of Danish modernist architecture. You can read more about the Louisiana’s building here. The museum is surrounded by a park and when the weather is nice you can see people picnicking on the grass outside the building, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and sculptures placed in the Museum’s garden. On rainy days the museum has still so much to offer. The exhibitions are really interesting and also just walking through the building is an experience of its own as you can see through the glass walls the gardens and the sea, even if the rain outside is not inviting it is still a captivating view. The food in the museum’s restaurant is really tasty, and, in my opinion, they have one of the best brunch buffets in Copenhagen. If you are with children, there is a “Children’s Wing” offering many interesting workshops and activities. Find out more here.
Arken and Den Frie
There are many other interesting modern art museums worth visiting, such as Arken and Den Frie. You can read more about Arken here. To find out more about Den Frie visit their website here.
Statents Musuem of Kunst – SMK
A very interesting gallery where you can find the classics and the modern art. An amazing building, and once a month SMK organizes SMK Friday bars. Read more about SMK here.

 Historical Museums

The National Museum
The museum’s exhibition takes you on a journey through the history of Denmark, starting at the Stone Age and the times of the Vikings and ending on the Modern Danish History. It is situated in the city centre in The Prince’s Palace, which was built by Nicolai Eigtved between 1743 and 1744. You can read more about The National Museum here. It also has a special interactive section for little children called “Children’s Museum”. Read more about Children’s Museum here.
There are many other interesting historical museums in Denmark. You can find out more about them on the Museums of Denmark website here. If you are located in Copenhagen you can read about interesting historical museums in your area here.

Science and Nature

Den Blå Planet 
With its fascinating building, inspired by the circulating currents of the whirlpool, 53 aquariums and installations, and the adorable otters, Den Blå Planet is one of the top attractions for a rainy day in Copenhagen. You can read more about Den Blå Planet here.
 Tycho Brache Planetarium
Tycho Brache Planetarium offers you an exhibition titled journey through space and an amazing 3D experience on its 1000 m2 dome-shaped screen. Most films are in Danish, however, headphones with English narration are also available.
A science center with interactive exhibitions about science technology, the environment and health. You can read more about the Experimentarium here. This month and the following few months Experimentarium is closed for renovation, but it will be operating again in 2017.

Creative Space 

Creative Space is a café where you can paint your own ceramic while enjoying a great coffee or delicious hot chocolate! It is situated on Gammel Kongevej, it’s really spacious and full of light and you get to choose from a wide selection of ceramics and paint, brushes, stamps… all you need to make your masterpiece. Find out more about Creative Space here.

Swimming Pools and Spas

There are plenty of swimming pools in Copenhagen. You can find a list of them here.
Frederiksberg Swimming Pool
It is a fairly small swimming pool, but the same building you also have a SPA, a Fitness World and a newly opened Café at the Ground Floor. Find out more here.
Valby Vandkulturhus
A modern swimming pool opened 4 years ago, which also offers a sauna and a jacuzzi. At the moment it is closed until the 17 of July, due to summer holiday. You can find out more here.
Ni’mat Massage and Spa
Ni’mat Massage and Spa offers a wide choice of treatments, relaxing atmosphere and an oriental interior evoking an image of serenity and calm. You can read more about Ni’mat Massage and Spa here.
Beauty Avenue Spa
With its focus on using only organic, environment-friendly products and holistic approach to body and mind, Beauty Avenue Spa is definitely worth recommending. Find out more here.

Indoor Sports – Sports Centers

There are few big sports centers where you have equipment and pitches for a number of different sports.
Grøndal MultiCenter is a home of 140 clubs in 40 different sports. You can read more here.
Norrebro Hallen, is also a big sports centre with facilities for a number of sports and many interesting classes. Read more about Norrebro Hallen here.
DGI Huset offers fitness, swimming pools and bowling. Find out more here.
by Anna Wolthers

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