A Walk in the Park

Prior to moving to Copenhagen two and a half years ago, the idea of taking a stroll through a cemetery would have been strange to me. Walking around a burial site? For some hygge time with a friend? Fast forward two years later and I take a walk around Assistens Kirkegård at least once a week.

Assistens Kirkegården

That’s probably one of my favourite discoveries since moving to Denmark. A walk in a park, or a cemetery, or around the lakes, is a great activity for relaxation, reflection, a little bit of exercise, and hygge time with family or friends.
Coming from Vancouver, British Columbia, I am used to taking hikes every so often—mountains are a distinguishable feature in Vancouver! Hiking provided many benefits, such as immersing myself in nature, getting physical activity, connecting with a friend, and having time to self-reflect (with a beautiful backdrop to boot!).

The Lakes in Copenhagen

These were some of the things that I was looking for when I moved to a new country: relaxation, peace, and nature. While Denmark is relatively unknown for hiking, it does boast of beautiful parks and cemeteries that are good for walks.
Below are photos of some of my favourite parks in Copenhagen. Have you walked in some of these parks? Do you like going on walks in Denmark for the same reasons that I do?
Written by Beatrice Benavides

One thought on “A Walk in the Park

  1. The walk around the lake is quite peaceful, the fresh air sport you have done in the past is terrific. Thank you again for the edge of the lake I think I will pass this holiday.


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