Healthcare in Denmark

Choosing your Doctor / GP
Once you have received your CPR number and registered with the municipal authority you are covered by the Danish Health Care system. At the registration, you choose your doctor. This will most likely be the doctor closest to your residence address. You can find a list of doctors and practitioners here. Your doctor’s name and address will be stated on your CPR card; this is why you should always have your CPR card with you. Whether you visit your doctor or hospital.
Examination, Treatment and Referal
The GP will examine you and decide on the next step. You may
 be given a prescription. The GP can also refer you to further examination or a specialist, for example, a dermatologist or a gynecologist. Visits to a specialist are in most cases also free. Your GP may also refer you to a specialist where you will have to cover some part of the fee. This could be for example treatments by a physiotherapist or a psychologist. Finally, your GP can arrange for you to be hospitalized, if this is deemed necessary. If you need to see a specialist, your GP will give you a referral letter (henvisning) with the name and telephone number of the specialist. With this referral, your treatment is covered by the public healthcare. Also, please note that even if your GP has put down the specific name of a specialist, you are still free to go somewhere else and choose your own specialist, as long as you tell them that you have a referral letter from your GP.
Vaccination Program
Contact your GP about the vaccine program in Denmark and if you have children, remember to take their medical files with you. In Denmark, there is a specific vaccination program for children.
In Case of Emergency
You need to make an appointment with your doctor, however in a case of emergency, or if you need help outside your doctors opening hours (after 4 p.m. on weekends or during holidays) you can always call a doctor on duty called Lægevagten. Below you can find the helpline telephone numbers and links for all 5 regions in Denmark:
Capital Region (Hovedstadsregionen): 1813
Zealand Region (Region Sjælland): 70 15 07 08
North-Jutland Region (Region Nordjylland): 70 15 03 00
Mid-Jutland Region (Region Midtjylland): 70 11 31 31
South-Denmark Region (Region Syddanmark): 70 11 07 07
You can find an official booklet about the Danish healthcare system here. The booklet is in Danish and English. For further information about the Danish health care system click here.
You need a prescription from your GP to get the medication and most of it can only be bought in pharmacies. Remember to bring your yellow health card. Pharmacies are usually open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. However, there are also pharmacies open 24 hours. You can find the list of the pharmacies open 24 hours here.
Giving birth in Denmark
You can read all about giving birth in Denmark, including a week by week schedule of doctors appointments in the previous section called Giving Birth in Denmark.
By Anette Pilmark

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