Libraries in Denmark are a great source of information and offer a wide range of services and it is a good place to get information as a newcomer. You can register to become a loaner with your NemID or just go to your local library. You can find a small introduction video here.
Next to using your local library, you can also register online at Here you will find records of all items published in Denmark as well as all items found in the Danish public & research libraries. Thus, is not a library but rather a database of the items found in the stock of the Danish public & research libraries and you can place requests for books and other items to be delivered at your local library.
When you are a registered loaner you also have access to movies through your library. There is a wide variety of films online using or you can go to your local library and find some there.
Children are also able to get their own loaner card so they can borrow books without needing their parents’ help.
Written by Laura Pilmark

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