A-Kasser & Trade Unions

Why is it called A-Kasse?

“A” is short for the Danish arbejdsløs = unemployed and “kasse” means box, or in this case an
unemployment insurance fund.

If you have started working in Denmark, you might have talked to some of your colleagues about being a
member of an A-kasse and/or a trade union. Many Danish employees are a member of an A-kasse to
secure them self in case they lose their job.

It is a voluntary insurance scheme which means you must sign up and pay a monthly fee if you like be
insured against unemployment.

There are many different unemployment insurances you can choose from. Some of the biggest are:
For academics and students: Akademikernes a-kasse
– For managers: Lederne (only in Danish)
– For people in business and students: CA
– For office employees and students: HK
– For employees and entrepreneurs: KRIFA
– For teachers: Lærernes A-kasse

Find a full list of A-kasser here

Read more about unemployment benefits here

Trade Unions – in short

There is a high level of union membership among Danish employees. Everyone is free to join a trade union and just like for A-kasser it is completely voluntary. Trade unions can assist in cases of dispute about working conditions and offer legal advice and representation. Most also offer career advice and networking opportunities!

Many of the above A-kasser both offer to become a member of their A-kasse as well as a member of their trade union. Here are a few more examples:
– For engineers and IT-employees: IDA
– For students and employees in social sciences, business and law: DJØF

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