Residence and Work Permit & CPR Number

Everything starts with the CPR number
In order to be able open a bank account, be covered by the Danish health insurance or sign up for free Danish language classes you need a Danish CPR number. To get a CPR number, you need a residence permit and a registered address in Denmark. Below you can find some useful instructions on how to obtain a residence permit and CPR number.
In order to work in Denmark, you must have a residence and work permit. The rules governing staying and working in Denmark depend on which country you come from. Read more about this here. To obtain a residence and work permit, you need to apply at one of the two immigration authorities: the Regional State Administration (Statsforvaltningen) or The Immigration Service (Udlændingeservice). Your citizenship determines at which authority you should apply. The rules differ for Nordic citizens, EU/EEA citizens and citizens from non- Nordic/EU/EEA countries. Read more here. If you want to extend your residence and work permit, please remember to submit your application three months before your current residence permit expires. Read more here. Once you have received your residence permit you can get registered at your local municipality. When this is done, you’ll need to get a Civil Registration Number (CPR). Your CPR number is always printed onto your Health Care Card which you should keep on you at all times.
How to apply for the CPR card?
Apply for the CPR card in person at the Citizen Service Office (Borgerservice) in your municipality.
Required documents:
– Residence permit and work permit
– Passport
– Marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates, if applicable
– Proof of address in Denmark
International Citizen Service Office
In the cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg, you can also go to the International Citizen Service Office to get both your residence permit and a CPR number. At International House Copenhagen the International Citizen Service can assist you with paperwork such as residence permit, CPR registration, health insurance card, and tax card. Click here to find more information. It is important to get the CPR number and the yellow health card which will ensure that you can get free medical help, open a bank account, allow registration at the tax authorities, use public libraries, and many more public services. You need to present your CPR number at almost all official offices and banks in Denmark.It is very important that you have the original documents from your home country (birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s license, medical file, professional certificates, diplomas, etc.). You can always get the Citizen Service to help you out with the paper work and the forms (this is free of charge) or contact one of the Relocation Agencies, prior to your arrival to Denmark. They will assist you with the residence permit, the CPR and finding an apartment. For more information about Citizen Service click here.
Relocations Agencies
You can always contact one of the Relocation Agencies, prior to your arrival to Denmark. They will assist you with the residence permit and the CPR and finding an apartment. Unlike the Citizen Service, this option is not free of charge. At the Relocation Agency, you are being assigned a personal agent, who is responsible for helping you and your family’s settling down in Denmark. Below you can find a list of some of the most recommended relocation agencies.
Deloitte Relocation, to read more visit their website here.
Settwell Relocation , to read more visit their website here.
Relocation Scandinavia, to read more visit their website here.
Copenhagen Relocations, to read more visit their website here.
Your Address 
If you change your address remember to inform the municipality (kommune) with your new address. The CPR number is connected with your residential address in Denmark. That is why every time you change your address, you need to inform the municipality. It’s very simple and can be done online on the municipality’s website. For more information click here.
Remember to always have your name clearly marked on the mailbox as otherwise the mail will not be delivered.
If you are leaving for holidays, you can ask your neighbor to pick up your mail or you can use the online service from to put your mail on hold. 
by Anna Wolthers and Anette Pilmark

2 thoughts on “Residence and Work Permit & CPR Number

  1. Thank you for this great information!!
    One question though, in order to get a CPR you need an address, and in order to find a place to rent you need a bank account, and for that you need a CPR…
    It does not make any sense to me, kind of catch-22.
    How is it possible to move to Denmark with this catch?


    1. Hi Nathan,
      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      You are right about this challenge, however if you have a temporary address and a job contract you should be able to get the CPR. You are right that you need the CPR to get the bank account and we often meet families that are struggling with this in the first weeks.
      It is the relocation companies that are the experts in how to handle these issues 🙂
      Have a nice day,
      Anette from Spousecare


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