Copenhagen Restaurant Series: Aster (vegan café)

Prior to visiting Aster, I read about two of their key values on their website: plant-based nourishment is better for our bodies and being more responsible for the environment. As someone who is trying to eat more plant-based meals for the same reasons, Aster‘s key values really appealed to me.

On a rainy Saturday, I met up with my friend, E, at Aster for lunch. It’s a 10-minute walk from my place in Frederiksberg, located on my favorite street in Copenhagen [Gammel Kongevej], and has a very lovely and open setting. It was a gem of a find and here’s my take on it.

Design and ambience

The little restaurant had about 10+ tables and about 8 tables were taken before we arrived at 1:00 PM. The ambience was nice and hyggelig with marble tables and black chairs.
Photo 1

Food and drinks

The menu looked great. My friend got the golden spiced cauliflower and Jerusalem artichoke dal, and I ordered the hokkaido pumpkin tartine with caramelized onions and cultured cashew cream on sourdough.
The tartine was really, really good. The simple flavor of the pumpkin balanced well with the velvety and rich cashew cream. Each bite also had a good kick from crushed hazelnuts on top. I would definitely order that again.



There were two very lovely and friendly ladies serving us. My friend and I ordered our food at the counter and the wait wasn’t too long for drinks and food. The atmosphere was relaxing enough to chat without having to worry about when the food would get to us.

Value for money

I spent 129 kr for my tea and tartine, and I think that’s a good lunch deal for a café in Frederiksberg. Especially for the best vegan café in Copenhagen.
Would I go back? Well…as my friend and I were leaving the café, we looked at their display case filed with sweet treats, such as snickers or cookie dough bites or the cheesecake of the day. The treats were definitely something to go back to! E and I promised we’d be back for dessert—soon!
Aster is an organic, plant-based café located at Gammel Kongevej 171 A, Frederiksberg. You can take a look at their website here, or find them on Instagram or Facebook @thisisaster. 
Written by Beatrice Benavides

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