A-Kasser & Trade Unions

Why is it called A-Kasse? “A” is short for the Danish arbejdsløs = unemployed and “kasse” means box, or in this case anunemployment insurance fund. If you have started working in Denmark, you might have talked to some of your colleagues about being amember of an A-kasse and/or a trade union. Many Danish employees are … Continue reading A-Kasser & Trade Unions

Remember to check your “årsopgørelse”

It is soon time to look at your “årsopgørelse” = your annual tax assessment notice Every year in March, we receive our tax assessment notice, in Danish called “årsopgørelse”. From your “årsopgørelse", you can see a summary of your income, deductions and allowances and what you have paid in taxes – and most importantly if … Continue reading Remember to check your “årsopgørelse”

The 2019 European Parliament Election

The 26th of May we will be going to ballot boxes to cast our votes once again. This time around we're voting on who we think should be one of the 14 Danish representatives at the European Parliament. And we're going to try to not get ahead of ourselves as on the 5th of June … Continue reading The 2019 European Parliament Election

Constitution Day – Grundlovsdag

On 5 of June we celebrate the first Danish Constitution (Danish: Grundlovsdag). We celebrate both the Constitution of 1849 and the updated constitution of 1953, as they were both signed on this date. The Danish Constitution of 1849 was signed by Frederik the VII and established Denmark as a constitutional monarchy. From 1660 until 1849 … Continue reading Constitution Day – Grundlovsdag

The Municipal and Regional Election 2021

It's close to impossible to miss all the posters of the candidates hanging from every possible tree, bridge and lamppost. If you are wondering what all this is about, what it means to you or what it means to Denmark - this post is for you. With all the many smiling faces staring down at … Continue reading The Municipal and Regional Election 2021

Healthcare in Denmark

Choosing your Doctor / GP Once you have received your CPR number and registered with the municipal authority you are covered by the Danish Health Care system. At the registration, you choose your doctor. This will most likely be the doctor closest to your residence address. You can find a list of doctors and practitioners here. … Continue reading Healthcare in Denmark

NemID, NemKonto, e-Boks & Banking in Denmark

NemID Now that you have a CPR number life becomes easy. You can open a bank account and get a NemID which is a personalized login and code serving as your digital signature. In Denmark, almost everything can be done online by using NemID. To find out more about NemID click here. NemKonto Every citizen … Continue reading NemID, NemKonto, e-Boks & Banking in Denmark

Residence and Work Permit & CPR Number

Everything starts with the CPR number In order to be able open a bank account, be covered by the Danish health insurance or sign up for free Danish language classes you need a Danish CPR number. To get a CPR number, you need a residence permit and a registered address in Denmark. Below you can … Continue reading Residence and Work Permit & CPR Number

Cycling, Public Transport & Driving in Denmark

Denmark is one of the best places in the world for cyclists! Denmark is famous for its cycling culture and Danes cycle all year round, no matter the weather conditions, and let’s be honest, rain and wind are not uncommon here in Denmark. Denmark is one of the best places in the world for cyclists! … Continue reading Cycling, Public Transport & Driving in Denmark