Join a Club – the Highway into Danish Culture

Denmark is a country with thousands of clubs and associations that all citizens can join no matter where they come from.

This is where Danes meet, sharing the same interests or hobbies and if you have common interests, then culture and language become less important. Everyone is welcome to join!

Therefore, if you like to meet Danes or people living in your neighborhood, join a club. This is the highway into Danish culture and a great way to meet people!
Many of the Danish clubs are run by volunteers and therefore many of them only have websites in Danish. This does NOT mean that you are not welcome to join. In fact, in all the years we have had Spousecare, we have never experienced any club or organization who said no, just because someone didn’t speak Danish.
So, don’t hold back. If you like to join the local running club, bridge-club, basket team or cooking class, just contact the organizers and ask if you can sign up.
Below a few suggestions to some of the many thousand offers that might inspire you to get started!
Happy club hunting!
“Evening-schools”: the so-called evening schools gather many different offers for the whole family (baby-swimming, painting, sewing, cooking, learning an instrument and much much more). There are different opportunities. Make the search as local as you can and use your google translator:
The libraries is a great source of information to what’s happening in your municipality and some also have local book clubs, children events and can guide you to find local clubs.
Random clubs in the Copenhagen area:

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