Insurances in Denmark

Are you covered in case of accident, chronic disease or damage to you, your family members or your belongings?

Most of us don’t think much about insurances in our daily life. We pay for the insurances and hope never to use them. However, when settling in a new country, it’s important to know how you are covered in case of an accident to you or your family or in case that any of your belongings are damaged or get stolen.
In Spousecare, we are not insurance experts and this blog is merely to give a short overview of some of the various kinds of insurances you should know about when settling into Denmark. It is your own responsibility to make sure you have the right insurances and the right coverage.
“Personal Accident Insurance”
The public healthcare will treat you if you have an accident but will not cover for any financial loss if for example you are unable to work. This is why most Danes have a so-called “Personal Accident Insurance”.
“Car Insurance”
This insurance is compulsory liability insurance in Denmark if you buy a car.
“Household Contents Insurance”
Highly recommended for your household, personal effects, furniture, bikes and most insurances of this kind also cover luggage when you are traveling.
“Building Insurance”
If you own your own house or apartment, it’s recommended to have a building insurance that cover for example if there is a fire, broken glass or pipes etc.
“Third Party Liability Insurance for dogs”
If you have a dog, this insurance is compulsory to cover any damage or injury caused by your dog.
“Personal Accident Insurance”
This kind of insurance covers accidents if you become disabled and could also cover dental treatments etc.
“Reimbursement of medical costs”
All citizens registered in Denmark are part of the public healthcare that offers free healthcare visits to an appointed doctor and referred specialists and hospitals. Whether your get sick, have an accident or give birth, you are treated free of charge by the public healthcare insurance, with a few exceptions; Medicine and dental care are not free in Denmark and nor is treatments by a chiropractor or physiotherapist, glasses, contact lenses etc. Therefore, 2.5 million Danes are members of “Sygeforsikringen danmark”! Sygeforsikringen danmark is a non-profit-making association where you pay a quarterly member-fee and in return get a supplement to the costs you might have for some of the above. Children below 16 are free. Read more here.
There are many more types of insurances than the above mentioned. In some cases, the household content also covers travel insurance, in some cases not. You should always talk to an insurance company or perhaps two to get an offer that suit your needs.
If you don’t know any insurance companies, start by asking colleagues or friends if they have an insurance company they will recommend.
You can find a list of the 20 biggest insurance companies on this website. (Scroll down to see the list.)
We hope this was helpful.
Written by Anette Pilmark

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