Danish City to Visit: Aarhus

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark, and, in my opinion, one of the coziest cities in Denmark.

It’s always such a treat to go to Aarhus. I first went to Aarhus in 2015 with my friend from Canada. And since my boyfriend’s mother lives in Aarhus, he and I visit the city every 3 few months. It has a dear place in my heart, and I’d love to share with you all the great things I’ve experienced.
(Has anyone else in Spousecare visited Aarhus recently? Perhaps the below items are familiar to you!)
How I’ve gotten there
I’ve taken FlixBus from Copenhagen to Aarhus a couple of times. They have a good timetable, affordable rates, and a decent interior. However, I’ve also gotten there by car, and we’ve passed the Storebælt bridge. The views are breathtaking! … and the toll prices will reflect that.
Places I’ve eaten
OliNico Gastro Grill Bar – Classic and delicious dishes and very cozy atmosphere. Olinico is great for a casual night out, but it’s also quite close to a lot of bars so this could also be stop number one on your night on the town.
billede 1
A blurry picture at Olinico, circa 2015, looking way too happy when the food arrived
Kähler Spisesalon – Again, classic dishes, cozy atmosphere—but this time, the plates, glasses, candle holders, flower vases, everything is from the beautiful Kähler brand. The Danish design-lover in me always enjoys eating at Kähler Spisesalon. A natural, homey, unpretentious atmosphere surrounds you as you eat the delicious smørrebrød they have.
billede 2
DInner at Kähler Spisesalon – do these items look familiar to you?
Aarhus Street Food – Right beside the central bus station, Aarhus Street Food has a central location and it represents a good variety of cuisines. They even have outdoor seating so you can enjoy your food out in the sun.
Restaurant Thors Mølle – I’ve visited this restaurant because my boyfriend’s aunt celebrated her 70th birthday here. What. A. Gem. The restaurant is located in the middle of Marselisborg Dyrehave, so you can explore a bit of the forest before or after your meal. And don’t get me started on the food – it was good! I’d definitely recommend Restaurant Thors Mølle.
Places I’ve visited
Aros Museum – Highlights of my visit to Aros Museum were the installation art, seeing “Boy” by Ron Mueck (whose sculptures I’ve seen in Brisbane, Australia years and years ago, so this was a happy surprise), and of course, the ever-instagrammable rainbow panorama.
Moesgaard Museum – Highlights were the view (!!!), the permanent exhibition (!!!), and seeing Grauballe Man, the world’s best preserved bog body. Writing about Moesgaard Museum makes me want to go back and book a year’s pass.
billede 3
Moesgaard Museum, late fall
Dokk1 – The somewhat new library, DOKK 1 is a good place to get lost in. It’s also beside the waterfront so the views are quite nice.
Marselisborg Slot – This is a royal residence of the Danish Royal Family in Aarhus. You get two gorgeous routes from Marselisborg Slot back to the city: through a forest or along the beach.
billede 4
Marselisborg Slot on a rainy winter day, circa 2016
Future plans
Travel to Aarhus via the ferry – I have yet to experience travelling from Sjælland to Jylland with the MOLSLINJEN ferry. Has anyone ever ridden this ferry? What has your experience been?
Dome of Visions – I haven’t been but my boyfriend and his family enjoy visiting the Dome and talk about it non-stop. You can even enjoy a cup of coffee inside.
The Old Town Museum – or “Den Gamle By”, is an open-air town museum, and I’ve heard good things about it from my friends.
Michelin star restaurants – as you noticed, I haven’t eaten out so much in Aarhus, given that I enjoy home-cooked meals from my boyfriend’s mother. However, there are a few Michelin star restaurants in Aarhus that I’d love to try out in the future.

What do you think? Are you ready to go to Aarhus now? And for those of you who have visited, I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below.

Enjoy Aarhus!

Written by Beatrice Benavides

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