Labor Day and Holidays in May-June

The months of May and June are filled with public and non-public holidays. This post will provide you with the overview of them all! If you’re looking for a full year overview, don’t forget that you can always check out our post on Annual Holidays in Denmark in 2020.

May 1: International Worker’s Day / Labor Day

If you want to get a taste of Danish politics in an informal environment, International Labor day may be of interest to you. Usually, every year on 1st of May there are demonstrations and political speeches all over Denmark. This is an old tradition and if you live in the Copenhagen area, close to Fælledparken in Østerbro, you will probably witness a lot happening on this day. Some of the political parties and organizations will set up tents and invite people to either listen to political speeches or to enjoy live bands. A lot of beer is normally served (and drunk!) on Labor Day and for some people, these activities can be a bit overwhelming.
This year, due to the corona-situation, there will be no public gatherings, however if you watch television or Facebook, you will be able to see the online speeches from the Danish politicians.

May 10: Mother’s Day – Mors Dag

In Denmark we (of course) also celebrate Mother’s Day. For some strange reason, these days are not celebrated the same days across the world, but in Denmark it is Mother’s Day on May 10 and Father’s Day on June 5.

May 8: Great Prayer Day – Store Bededag

We have an entire post on this small holiday – which includes a lovely recipe! Check that out here.

May 21: Ascension Day – Kristi Himmelfartsdag

We celebrate this day in memory of the ascension of Jesus Christ. Most schools are also closed on Friday 22 May so this may be a good opportunity for a mini-holiday.

May 31 – June 1: Whit – Pinse

Pinse is the canonical marker of the arrival of the Holy Spirit. This year, the Whit comes rather late which will hopefully mean great summer weather for the short holiday.
Hopefully this short post was helpful to you!
Written by Laura Pilmark


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