Autumn Holiday = Efterårsferie

The next school holiday is 12-18 October, also known as week 42. Week 42 is always the autumn holiday in Denmark. During October it gets colder and darker, however this autumn season is perfect for a tour in one of the many great forests and for “hygge” indoors with your family. At VisitDenmark you can find suggestions for things to do this coming week.

My favorite would be visiting Tivoli. They have a beautiful Halloween theme and lots of fun things to do with your family. Also the big amusement park BAKKEN (the oldest in the world) will open for autumn, first day opening is 10 October – when you visit Bakken, you also have to take a tour in the beautiful forest surrounding Bakken called “Dyrehaven”.

Lot’s of things to do and as we say in Denmark, there is no bad weather, only wrong clothes, so bring your sweater or raincoat and get out there!

NOTICE! Due to Covid-19 the health authorities advice against children going “trick-or-treat” at Halloween. Instead they encourage children to do activities in smaller groups this year.

Written by Anette Pilmark

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