Hygge During Winter Months in Copenhagen

I could feel it creeping up. I’ve had this feeling since the start of October. I gravitate towards staying at home, make tea, and curl up with a good book. I sigh every time I look out the window, unsure of whether I should bring my umbrella or not.

I caught only a fleeting glimpse of autumn. Winter was fast approaching….

As I write this in early November, I can confirm that winter is here. The heaters in our apartment are cranked up and I’ve started using my winter coat.
Danish winters can be quite challenging for me. I dislike the cold and dark, but I love the holidays. While Danish winters can be tough for me, I know that it’s still a good time to explore the city, get to know the Danes, and “get our hygge on.”
My husband and I have done a few hyggelige things during the past three winters that really get the hygge out of Copenhagen—and I want to share them with you (including some suggestions from friends). Here’s a list of activities you can do with friends and family to get the most out of Danish winters (and try something new!):
Timm Vladimir cooking class – my husband and I attended a Mexican cooking class last year at Timm Vladimirs Køkken, and we can highly recommend it. The classes are fun! You and your partner are in a kitchen with about 20 other people, and there are 2 people per station, which includes cooking utensils and al the ingredients you need. The instructor demonstrates how you make a dish and then everyone makes it and gets to eat that dish before moving on to the next. While the classes can be pricey (depending on the class, it costs approximately 1000 kr per person), a class includes wine and beer from their own brewery, around 4-5 dishes, the recipes to take home, and a generally fun night out with a friend!
(Background: Timm Vladimir used to be an actor/comedian/radio host. He won Masterchef Denmark in 2011 and subsequently began his career as a chef.)
Absalon Kirke – a defunct church located on Sønder Boulevard in Vesterbro, Absalon is a community space where you can meet other people through different activities. I’ve been to a plant sale, a ceramics sale, and a dance class. There’s even a “fællesspisning,” a community dinner, everyday at 18:00 for 50 kr. I haven’t gone yet, but hope to try it this winter when my husband and I are too lazy to cook.
Madklubben – my husband’s friends have a “madklubben,” a food club, where we go to each other’s apartments every other month and have dinner together. The couple who are hosting that month’s dinner can decide what kind of cuisine they’re preparing. We don’t bring host/hostess gifts (as they do in Denmark) because we’re cooking for each other. It’s a really nice way to catch up with friends and spend time together, without spending too much. You can try it out with your close friends here.
Winter bathing – I haven’ done this in Copenhagen yet, but hoping to try it once this winter! My friends usually go winter bathing in Islands Brygge and Amager Strandpark. There are three harbor baths in Copenhagen – plenty of other places to boost our immune system, get an endorphin high, and perhaps strike up a conversation with experienced winter bathers.
Parkmuseum – I love the museums in Copenhagen, and even the ones outside of the city, like Louisiana and Arken museum. So, it was a huge delight for me to discover parkmuseerne.dk on an ad in the metro. You buy one ticket to six museums in the city. It’s such a great way to visit/re-visit museums in Copenhagen, especially during the cold, rainy winter months.
Events at libraries – my friends who have children say that there are always events at libraries so it’s definitely worth checking out the website for something fun to do with your kids: Copenhagen, Frederiksberg.
I hope that you enjoy the next few months! Try something new or simply have a few more cuddles with your loved ones. What’s winter like in your home country? How do you feel about Danish winters? If you feel the same as me, what are some ways you get through winter?
My first winter in Denmark! The smile didn’t last so long, haha.
Written by Beatrice Benavides

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