being creative in Copenhagen – join my courses in English

One of the first things I googled when I arrived in Copenhagen last March was where to find the nearest craft store. In my home country I knew exactly where I could buy which materials from. I had the chance to use a workshop in a school and I could borrow all kinds of tools and machines from my father. But the big question was, how should I do that here in Denmark now?

Little by little I found my favourite stores and built up a network of creative people and groups. I would like to share a few of these tips with you. Do you have more useful recommendations?

My first tip is also a bit of a self-promotion 😉:

Join my creative courses at FOF
Recently, I got the chance to offer my own creative courses at FOF (a school with various courses and workshops). For me it’s a great opportunity to combine my profession as a teacher and my passion for being creative. I love helping others to be creative as well.

So, if you are looking for a new hobby or just like being creative, sign up for one of my courses. They are all held in English and there are weekly but also one-time courses.

You can learn to:
– make a dry flower wreath
– sew your own baby clothes
– design your own stickers and prints
– sew a bunny treat bag for easter (also for/with kids)

More information and signing up: FOF courses

And these are other tips for creative groups, events and craft shops:
Copenhagen Fablab – A user-driven open access workshop with different tools and machines to use for free
Craftenhagen – A monthly get together of crafters in Copenhagen. Each month features a different craft. An amazing group with a lot of super friendly craft lovers
Art Escape Studios and Café – A café and gallery, who also offers art classes and events. Choose your artistic activity, pick your favourite drink and start creating

Shops for craft supplies and fabric:
Panduro Hobby
Søstrene Grene
Bog & Ide

Written by Mirjam Koch

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