Christmas in Denmark

The Countdown The countdown till Christmas already begins in mid-November. D'Angleterre revealed their Christmas facade on 11 November and the streets of central Copenhagen are decorated and lit. At home, the countdown officially begins on 1 December. Typically families have a calendar candle (kalenderlys) which has the numbers from 1-24 written on it and the … Continue reading Christmas in Denmark

What To Do on a Rainy Day

Denmark has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, all of these seasons can include a lot of rain. The Danes have an expression that goes: “Der findes ikke dårligt vejr kun forkerte klæ'r”. Which translates to: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing". Whether it's rain or snow, a … Continue reading What To Do on a Rainy Day

Useful Links

Arriving in Denmark and Getting Settled The official website of Denmark ~ New to Denmark ~ International House ~ Spousecare ~ International Citizen Service ~ Danish Newspapers and Magazines in English Copenhagen Post ~ The Local ~ Free Time – What to Do, See, Eat and Drink Visit Copenhagen ~  Handluggage only ~ Handluggageonly/ Copenhagen/ Denmark … Continue reading Useful Links

Healthcare in Denmark

Choosing your Doctor / GP Once you have received your CPR number and registered with the municipal authority you are covered by the Danish Health Care system. At the registration, you choose your doctor. This will most likely be the doctor closest to your residence address. You can find a list of doctors and practitioners here. … Continue reading Healthcare in Denmark

NemID, NemKonto, e-Boks & Banking in Denmark

NemID Now that you have a CPR number life becomes easy. You can open a bank account and get a NemID which is a personalized login and code serving as your digital signature. In Denmark, almost everything can be done online by using NemID. To find out more about NemID click here. NemKonto Every citizen … Continue reading NemID, NemKonto, e-Boks & Banking in Denmark

Residence and Work Permit & CPR Number

Everything starts with the CPR number In order to be able open a bank account, be covered by the Danish health insurance or sign up for free Danish language classes you need a Danish CPR number. To get a CPR number, you need a residence permit and a registered address in Denmark. Below you can … Continue reading Residence and Work Permit & CPR Number

Giving Birth in Denmark

Once you discover the happy news you can make an appointment with your doctor who will inform you about the pregnancy program. Your doctor will enroll you in the public pregnancy program in Denmark. You will be meeting with your doctor and a midwife during regular checkups. The first checkup is with your own GP … Continue reading Giving Birth in Denmark